Contact Center and CXM/CRM

Customer Experience and Relationship Management (CXM/CRM) are business strategies, which are based on a personalized approach to the customer as an individual.

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that marketing is no longer based solely on the contact between the supplier and its customer, but on building and nurturing the relationship. A quality relationship brings long-term loyalty to the company and its brand. Satisfied customers represent a source of positive information, which in turn, attracts new customers.

Detailed recording and analysis of customer responses enable the supplier to adjust its products or services to the requirements and expectations of its customers, to improve their experience and to strengthen the existing relationship.

To manage and build relationships with its customers, the company has to frequently monitor these at every stage of the transaction and analyze the acquired data. Customers have to be well informed about the product or service in the best possible manner. They have to be able to make the purchase in the way they prefer and be able to provide after-purchase feedback or resolve any issues they may have with the product.

Contact center and CXM/CRM

Customer experience/relationship monitoring and management are crucial practices to the successful operation of modern enterprises; however, implementation may require extensive investment in staff and modern equipment.

The solution that includes quality work and cost efficiency at the same time is to hire the external, outsourced Echo Contact Center. Use of dedicated hardware and software enables us to be an effective centralized communication point between our client’s company and its customers, covering all communication channels used by the modern consumer.

Every contact is carefully recorded and reported monthly. The contextual part of the report provides the basis for further CX analysis. The results of this data analysis can be used for our client’s strategic decisions, marketing campaigns, or easier and more effective work with customers, who increasingly appreciate a personal approach and friendly response.

“How you gather, manage and use information
will determine whether you win or lose.”
– Bill Gates