Employees and technology

High quality of service is ensured by carefully selected agents, specialized equipment, well designed procedures and many years of experience. Special attention is paid to the development of our own software, which can be adapted to suit each client’s requirements.


Our agents are fluent in English, trained in communication, friendly, well-educated, reliable, and exceptionally proficient. As a result, our client’s customers receive professional care from the first moment they make contact to enhance customer experience. Most of our agents are full-time employees, which ensures improved knowledge of our clients’ requirements and a greater work motivation.
Their work is performed under the watchful eye of experienced team leaders, who continuously monitor the quality of work and consistency in accordance with the client’s instructions. They also organize education and training, including SDI, NLP, dialogue courses, advise on handling with demanding customers, and sales techniques.
We are aware that the excellence of our service also depends on employee satisfaction. Our agents are provided with a positive work environment, which affords them a continuous personal development. Their positive attitude is reflected in the communication with customers, who appreciate this personal approach.


We use specifically designed programs to keep track of contacts, produce customizable reports and inform our clients. We also utilize high-capacity telephone, chat, email, web and database servers, operating in our private cloud. There are more than 400 telephone numbers and over 200 voice channels available. In addition to the primary conduit, SIP trunks of various international providers of VoIP telephony are also connected.
The central telephone server is based on the Asterisk platform and supports virtually all existing protocols, including ISDN, SIP, H.323 and IAX. The applications of our clients can be accessed via VPN connections (IPSec), remote desktops (RDP, Citrix), or secure Internet connection (https).
As a rule, high-end equipment with redundancy (where possible) is used.
Employees and technology