Cookies are small text files which most websites store on the user’s device when a webpage is viewed. It usually contains basic information such as server name, lifetime and a value, which is a randomly generated unique number.

With every subsequent visit, the webpage will attempt to read the information from a previously stored cookie and to “recognize” the user. When a cookie is successfully read, the operating system and web browser are identified and together this information can be used to provide the user with customized content, format the webpage properly, and prepare statistical information regarding the page visits.

Only the website which stores the cookie can make use of it.

On our website, we use cookies which are wholly necessary, and which allow the website to function properly. We also use Google Analytics cookies which are required for statistical reports and help us to understand how our website is used, and to improve your user experience. [From our perspective, all cookies stored on and read from your device are handled anonymously.]

Cookie handling is under the control of the user’s internet browser which can limit or disable the use of cookies. As a user, it is for you to decide whether or not your browser will use cookies. Please refer to your browser documentation to find out how to enable and disable cookies.

More information about cookies can be found on the internet.